The Dictionary tells us it is a strong belief.


We live in moments, moments from our past, moments that never happened, and those from our future. We live in years ago to seconds ago and imagining ourselves in situations that never have and will never occur, and then we think about the consequences it would have had on the upcoming Sunday to the day of our deaths, and we grieve upon them, wishing they never happen or they did. We have our own miseries and battles of everyday, but the sorrows of our past and the worries of our future are our walking stick, we just can’t take a step without them!

“I’ve learned.”

“I’ve moved on.”

“I don’t care anymore.”

“I’ve realized I never wanted it.”

Loosing something or someone takes a great toll, it rips apart your mind and soul, it keeps you awake nights on the end, making you wish you never had feelings. You sit by the window sill gazing at the night sky and wait for a shooting star to drop by. It takes courage to say goodbyes, the pain never goes away and no time doesn’t heal; it just makes live with your scars, the pain, making you believe it has always been there. You have to either hold on or let go. It’s always easier to run, to replace the pain with something numb, you wish you could let go but you are afraid to move forward ever again, for you are afraid to have another past. But one eternity later when you are about to make peace with the pain and finally decide to live exist, you bump into them and everything you ever had comes rushing back.

“I’ve learned.” to live with it.

“I’ve moved on.” to believing it was a lie.

“I don’t care anymore.” about anything else.

“I’ve realized I never wanted it.” I always needed it.

There’s is a difference between what people hear when you say something and what you heard in your own voice.

“What has happened cannot be changed” Yes you cannot, but you can change what’s going to happen in the next few seconds, hours, days and years. All you need is something from that one goddamned person, whom Disney calls ‘your fairy godmother’. No they don’t do anything, no magic does not exist; it’s not a Peter Pan tale! and no they are not always mothers, sometimes not even humans, or fairies for that matter. They are someone, something, some post, or a 5 word-line hidden in 75000 other, a few letter that spell out to you, F-A-I-T-H.

Though the star aligned in favor of my fate,

The darkness the night bought, ruined my faith.

P.S. It’s your chance take it, remember, a man who believes his own lie, cannot lift the hammer, because he is not worthy. Get it? Marvel people? No?

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